Piotr HajkowskiHi, my name is Piotr Hajkowski. I have been a BI&W consultant for more than a decade. I worked mainly with Oracle software. 90% of consultant’s work time is spent on projects. This is where my experience comes from. It happens to me quite often when I’m thinking of some technical problem that many ideas pop up in my head. They are not always related to the problem I’m thinking about. Sometimes they are useful, sometimes not so much. “Why not to share it?” I asked myself one day. This question brought me to the blog.

This blog is the place where I’m storing and sharing my observations, ideas and thoughts on what I’m doing in data warehousing. As I’m an Oracle guy, this is mostly about Oracle technology. I hope you will find some useful stuff for you. You are always welcome to leave your comment. It might be inspiring both for me and for other readers.

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